Studying in Germany

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Germany has many different kinds of universities, all of which offer excellent quality. But with so many to choose from, it’s not always easy to navigate your way through the university landscape. We are here to help.

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Courses of Study in Germany

Studying or completing a PhD in German or English: The DAAD provides the information you need.

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4 Steps to Germany

Would you like to live and study in Germany for a period of time? You should consider what your goals are for your stay and whether you meet all the requirements. Your daily life should also run as smoothly as possible. To those ends, there are four steps that will get you to Germany.

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Students at the DAAD University Winter Course 2024. Visiting the Alemannic Carnival in Freiburg, Germany

Four DAAD Scholarship Holders share their experiences on the recent 'Hochschulwinterkurs' in Germany 2024

Read about four DAAD Scholarship Holders from Australia who travelled to Germany earlier this year. Not only did they discover many cultural and regional aspects of Germany and improve their German language skills, but they also made friends from all over the world at their host universities. The next DAAD University Winter Course will start in 2025 and run for six weeks during the northern hemisphere winter. The programme is open to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students. It is aimed at students with a sound knowledge of German who are interested in improving their language skills and understanding of contemporary issues.

Advertisements by German Universities

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