Learning German in Australia

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Thinking of studying in Germany in the future? You’ll need some language skills to make the most of the experience! There are many ways to learn German in Australia, both formally and informally. The Goethe-Institut runs intensive German language programs from their offices across the country. You might have the opportunity to study German at university or TAFE or through another language tuition program such as community colleges.

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Learning German in Australia

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute in Australia with two branches, in Sydney and Melbourne. They promote the study of German abroad. Whether you like to study online or in a group classroom setting, various learning formats are on offer. Learning German is worthwhile. Whatever you are planning for the future: German opens up an array of new opportunities.

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Studying German at Australian universities

German is widely taught at university level. There are 14 universities throughout Australia offering German language courses. Most of them teach German as part of European or International Studies.


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